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  • Anonymous 24/11/17 Fri 3:35:00 #3279756 [Reply]
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    Anonymous 24/11/17 Fri 4:10:46 #3279860 [Reply]
    Anonymous 24/11/17 Fri 4:43:29 #3279941 [Reply]
    My brain just had a seizure . . . in a good way.
    Anonymous 24/11/17 Fri 5:10:03 #3280012 [Reply]
    love it. and have a nice vacation ;)

    ethaniel 24/11/17 Fri 12:41:01 #3281355 [Reply]
    Anonymous 24/11/17 Fri 12:43:32 #3281369 [Reply]
    Anonymous 24/11/17 Fri 12:57:56 #3281412 [Reply]
    Nice visual effect.

    Rudimental Feat. MNEK & Sinead Harnett - Baby [Billy Korg Remix] Anonymous 24/11/17 Fri 0:32:00 #3279244 [Reply]
    Baby by Rudimental remixed by Billy Korg
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    Anonymous 24/11/17 Fri 1:52:41 #3279460 [Reply]
    Thanks Qiller, and Tobia thak you so much!
    Anonymous 24/11/17 Fri 2:11:14 #3279507 [Reply]
    первый ярче, хотя этот проще. и куда он падает? пока первый лучший
    DolceVip 24/11/17 Fri 2:21:26 #3279543 [Reply]
    Unbelievably beautiful.

    Jimi Needles - B-Boy For Life (Weapon) Anonymous 24/11/17 Fri 4:32:01 #3279903 [Reply]
    This bootleg was taken from #Needlewurk Volume 1 Mixtape (See below) - Enjoy!

    BOOKINGS: agency(@)
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    CoSSack 24/11/17 Fri 5:22:50 #3280059 [Reply]
    Anonymous 24/11/17 Fri 5:24:37 #3280065 [Reply]
    mix for Russian snowboard brand
    Anonymous 24/11/17 Fri 5:56:37 #3280159 [Reply]
    Pretty awesome!

    Anonymous 24/11/17 Fri 6:37:01 #3280296 [Reply]
    Never Say Die label boss, SKisM brings the next release to the table. Currently holding a Beatport number one with Like This featuring Virus Syndicate on the dubstep chart, hes once more proving to be the hot ticket about dubstep Town. Not one to rest on his laurels for long, he comes speeding through once again with a special 4 part release series aptly entitled, The Division Series. The series will be delivered in the form of 4 parts; each part consisting of an original with remix to be released over the next 6 months. Future collaborations will be with Zomboy, with remixes from Tantrum Desire, xKore, TC and Dirtyloud. To accompany each release, there will be a 20 min DJ mix by SKisM for each part that will fit together as one mammoth 80 minute mix at the end of the series. The first due for release is SKisM & DC Breaks Killer featuring Dee Freer on vocals with an on-point remix by drum n bass duo, Tantrum Desire topped off by a fresh electro remix from new comer Crush due for release this coming 16th July. DJ Support from:Sub Focus, High Rankin, Culture Shock, John B, Jack Beats, Crissy Criss (BBC Radio 1xtra), Roksonix, Bar9, Reid Speed and more...
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    Anonymous 24/11/17 Fri 7:01:43 #3280375 [Reply]
    The full poster is coming soon… :)
    Alongcamepolly 24/11/17 Fri 7:31:14 #3280480 [Reply]
    Haha nice ! you and jonas did a great job :)
    Anonymous 24/11/17 Fri 8:01:28 #3280555 [Reply]
    Well done

    Starmain - Reaction (Antoninii Remix) Anonymous 24/11/17 Fri 12:18:01 #3281277 [Reply]
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    RoGeR 24/11/17 Fri 12:34:32 #3281338 [Reply]
    Nice soundin' Addison. :)
    Try2Fly 24/11/17 Fri 12:55:54 #3281408 [Reply]
    welcome! love those music processs

    Anonymous 24/11/17 Fri 8:08:02 #3280571 [Reply]
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    Lagoona 24/11/17 Fri 8:44:46 #3280696 [Reply]
    very slick and neat music!
    dnbmaniac 24/11/17 Fri 10:08:52 #3280920 [Reply]
    The coaches music is just amazing. Beautiful !
    Anonymous 24/11/17 Fri 11:06:55 #3281073 [Reply]
    haha sounds a bit sad!

    The Gangsta Flop [Preview] - Out now through Glitch Hop Communtiy KomokE 24/11/17 Fri 11:58:00 #3281222 [Reply]
    Buy it here:

    Including five hard hitting unique tracks by iamyank, ClosedEyeVisuals, Staunch, Re:Flex and Tryptich, these names guarantee you nothing but heavy beats and fresh sounds all original material. The second part of an EP series, a showcase of pure and diverse glitch hop tunes.
    Anonymous 24/11/17 Fri 12:54:21 #3281406 [Reply]
    These are so great, well done :) Good consistency

    Good Sense Jah Major 24/11/17 Fri 2:19:01 #3279538 [Reply]
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    La-lei-la 24/11/17 Fri 2:42:15 #3279615 [Reply]
    Excellent! I really like these
    Tinangel 24/11/17 Fri 4:11:25 #3279863 [Reply]
    Very cute!
    MickeyMouse 24/11/17 Fri 4:41:35 #3279937 [Reply]
    Very clean

    Astronaut & Eyes - Pinball (Bear Grillz Remix) Anonymous 24/11/17 Fri 2:38:02 #3279607 [Reply]
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    Anonymous 24/11/17 Fri 3:05:50 #3279679 [Reply]
    Very elegant. Love your touch.
    Anonymous 24/11/17 Fri 3:21:23 #3279719 [Reply]
    Pubs be fun. Your pubs be even more fun!
    Anonymous 24/11/17 Fri 3:46:29 #3279792 [Reply]
    awesome music!

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